Moontower Audio, LLC

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Welcome to Moontower Audio, LLC providing top-of-the-line audio consulting services. If you need audio and acoustics expertise to solve your most challenging problems, Moontower Audio has you covered. We have deep knowledge of complete audio systems spanning from the production of both acoustical and electrical vibrations, to the nonlinear aspects of room acoustics as a physical system, to the human perception of sounds, to the capture of microphones, to a variety of production environments and techniques from mono to multichannel. Moontower has contributed to shipping products currently deployed to large and diverse user bases; we are here to cut through roadblocks and consult on projects of all scope and size. 


We have expertise in the following topics:

  • advanced electrical engineering theory

  • audio algorithms

  • machine learning

  • signal processing theory

  • binaural hearing theory and modeling

  • communications theory

  • control systems engineering

  • immersive audio including Dolby Atmos, ambisonics, and wavefield synthesis

  • advanced system modeling

  • room acoustics


Moontower Audio can design complex audio systems, ranging from one-off or compact mobile set-ups to permanent installations. You can expect full solutions designed to solve the toughest audio probelms of the present - get in touch with us, and we will discuss how to cut through your challenges so you can achieve the audio experiences tomorrow. 

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